If you are from in and around San Diego and need to get your house cleaned, Green Maids in San Diego will do the job for you. What’s special? We are an eco-friendly green cleaning company located in the heart of San Diego and believe that we need to conserve the environment for our future generations. The use of green materials in home cleaning also ensures that the health of the residents is not adversely affected.

We provide services to people who do not have the time needed to attend to home chores like cleaning. People like working couples, families that want to spend more time with friends and relatives, newly married couples, and those expecting a baby or have one, can avail of our service. Green Maids in San Diego’s cleaning service will also come in handy for bachelors, career couples or individuals, working single mothers, active seniors or the elderly who cannot do the cleaning themselves. Our customers can choose from daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly services as well as call for a one-time service to suit their convenience.

The use of non-toxic and non-hazardous materials in cleaning homes is very much the norm today. People are conscious of living in clean and unpolluted surroundings, avoiding the potential threats that harmful materials can cause their health and that of their family. We take note of the preferences of each customer for reference for all our services provided to them.

Green Maids in San Diego is a newly formed company however we have management & staff who are extremely experienced in the methods and techniques of green home cleaning. We assess the needs of each customer, use materials and methods best suited for the task at hand, while ensuring that the service stays within the customer’s budget. Do get in touch with us if you need your home cleaned, the green way.